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What would you consider as quality sanitary pads and why?

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

In this article we will cover few main points that I believe makes sanitary pad a quality sanitary product.

First of all, it is true that vagina is good at absorbing anything we put in there, which is why some medications are delivered vaginally. Knowing that conclusion can be reach what quality sanitary pads should look like?

The product must be made from the quality material and it must be soft and comfortable to ware. This would be a key factor for people with a sensitive skin.  Ideally product must be made from the pure cotton. Pads that are made with synthetic fiber contain only a small percentage of cotton, and some of them contain no cotton at all. Most of the companies use fabrics with certain characteristics to simulate the texture of cotton.  But above all, they are not natural and may cause irritation and or even allergic reactions.

Pads that made of 100% cotton are more breathable compared with ones made with synthetic fibers. Breathable pads are eliminating the sweat and the growth of the bacteria. Organic pads should contain an absorbent cellulose core which locks away menstrual fluid to keep you dry, and a soft organic cotton cover that allows your skin to breath.

Absorption rate is another quality for the period pads. It is not only that but it is also critical that the sanitary pad holding the liquid and preventing it from the leaking and contact with a skin. Lots of women are noticing that synthetic ones pads are not absorbent enough in comparison to organic pads. The normal amount of a woman’s flow is 30-80ml per cycle. When it comes to 80ml or more, that can be considered as a heavy flow. Ideally the sanitary pad should sustain it and desirably withhold double.

I also believe that the pad should be bio degradable and odour-free. This can only be archive by using organic products.

Packaging is another important factor. Most of the company’s do not wrapping up the individual pad and i believe it is not hygienically protected.

After all, health is most critical thing that women should be focusing on and be more aware and care about holistic health.  The most important quality of the organic sanitary pad is it must carry a benefit to our health.  Lady Anion pads features a special technology that generates negative ions.

This is my view what makes quality sanitary pads and I found all this qualities in Lady Anion sanitary pads with negative ion strip.

Lady Anion – first antibacterial sanitary pads

Saturday, November 21st, 2020

Lady Anion sanitary pads are made with 100% certified organic cotton and have antibacterial properties.

Vagina is an effective drug delivery ecosystem. Due to a dense network of blood vessels in the vagina, a wide range of medications can be easily and rapidly absorbed directly into the systemic circulation. The vagina is therefore a more sensitive and more absorbent that typical skin, and not all sanitary products are beneficial to women’s health.

Technology allows us to make a step further and create a product with antibacterial and health-beneficial effects and, at the same time, soft and comfortable. Wearing non-breathable sanitary pads for too long can affect the temperature and humidity balance in the genital area and favour harmful bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and vaginal thrush are the undesired consequences, when the vaginal microbiome becomes over-colonised with either other vaginal bacteria or yeast candida, respectively.

You might ask how antibacterial affect is achieved. The answer is: negative ions (anions).

In nature, negative ions are created with air molecules broken apart from sunlight, radiation, moving air or rushing water. You encounter the greatest densities of negative air ions in pleasant and hydrated places. You will feel awe when you experience something truly profound. Have you felt more energetic in the mountains, at the beach or in a thunderstorm? That is the effect of negative ions.

Lady Anion sanitary pads have a core strip releasing negative ions.

Scientific evidence suggest that negative ion exposure may:

  1. promote antimicrobial activity, i.e. inhibit the growth or kill harmful bacteria and yeasts by inducing the oxidative damage to their DNA.
  2. reduce symptoms of depression in some people.
  3. improve cognitive and physiological functions.

In addition to the negative ion strip and delicate organic cotton fabrics, Lady Anion pads are ultra-thin and light. The thin layer is especially designed to allow the liquid to penetrate only in one direction. As a result, Lady Anion pad can absorb a higher amount of menstrual fluid and prevent it from side leakage, accumulation of harmful bacteria and contact with the outer skin.

Lady Anion is a carefully designed organic product beneficial to women’s health.

How to choose a good sanitary pad – things to consider

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

Choosing the right sanitary pad is essential for maintaining hygiene during menstruation. Several factors are important to consider, e.g. material, absorbency and odour control, length and flow, and your lifestyle.

In this article, let us look at what makes a sanitary pads high-quality product.

Quality material

Vagina is one of the best routes for drug administration. Due to the presence of a dense network of blood vessels in the vagina, a wide range of drugs are easily and rapidly absorbed directly into the systemic circulation. Keeping this amazing property in mind, how should quality sanitary pads look like?

The type of material used affects product’s breathability and comfort level. Ideally, a sanitary pad should be made from sustainable and natural materials, such as pure cotton; feel soft and comfortable to wear. Softness and natural absorbent fabrics will be the key factors for women with sensitive skin. In contrast, liners made with synthetic fibres will contain only a small percentage of cotton, if any at all. Most of the companies use fabrics with certain characteristics to simulate the texture of cotton. But above all, such products are not natural; contain additives, such as artificial fragrances or absorbency agents, to enhance the properties but can cause skin irritation, itchiness or even allergic reactions.

Sanitary pads made with 100% cotton are breathable and highly absorbent compared to their synthetic analogues. Breathability is crucial to eliminate the smell and to avoid growth of harmful bacteria. Organic pads contain a soft organic cotton cover that allows your skin to breath, and an absorbent cellulose core, which locks away menstrual fluid to keep your skin dry.

Good absorbency

The ability to absorb a large volume of menstrual fluid in a short span of time is another essential quality for a good sanitary pad. Always choose sanitary products with an absorbency level appropriate for your menstrual flow. During the day, when you are more active, it is critical that the sanitary pad holds the fluid and prevents it from leakage and direct contact with the skin. Many women note that pads made with synthetic materials are not absorbent enough compared to the cotton liners. The average amount of a woman’s menstrual discharge is 30-80 ml. For women experiencing a heavy menstrual flow (80ml and more), a reliable sanitary pad with high absorbency to minimize any possibility of leakage is a must.

Eco-friendly packaging

Only organic products are fully biodegradable, odour and chemical free. For hygienic reasons, each sanitary pad should have an individual wrapping.

We are excited to offer our customers a quality product with a positive impact and health benefit. Lady Anion is a modern, discreet and Eco-friendly pantiliner sanitary pad, which has an antibacterial negative ion strip for a better comfort, breathability and long-lasting protection.

Healthy vaginal microbiome

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

Menstruation, known as period or menses, is normal vaginal bleeding which occurs as a part of a woman’s monthly cycle. Maintaining proper menstrual hygiene is vital to woman’s health, well-being, physical activity and productivity.

Vagina is a finely tuned and dynamic ecosystem, a home to billions of bacteria, with lactobacilli being the most dominant. The vagina is self-cleaning, and vaginal discharge (secretions) plays an important role in keeping the vaginal environment healthy. Healthy vaginal discharge is a joint product of fluid from the vaginal walls, mucus from the cervix and the lactobacilli. Variation in the volume of discharge throughout the month is completely normal. Lactobacilli keep the vagina’s pH balance acidic (less than pH 4.5) and produce bacteriocins, naturally occurring antibiotics, to reduce the growth of undesired harmful bacteria.

Healthy vaginal discharge has a characteristic smell, and in some women it can become stronger because of the large number of sweat glands in the hair-bearing pubic area. However, it is important to keep the skin around the vagina clean and dry to prevent it from redness, itching or soreness.

Insufficient menstrual hygiene can lead to disturbed balance of vaginal bacteria. A change in vaginal discharge, colour or unpleasant smell can be a sign of infection, although the most bacterial sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhoea, usually do not cause any change in discharge. Seek a medical advice! More common causes are yeast candida (vaginal thrush) or bacterial vaginosis (BV), which occur when the vaginal microbiome becomes over-colonised with either yeast candidaor other vaginal bacteria.

Women’s health during special days

Always choose sanitary products with an absorbency level appropriate for your menstrual flow. During the day, when you are more active, your menstrual flow is normally heavier, so the pad absorbs more blood, sweat and sebum. This creates an excellent breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which is why you should not wear one pad for more than 4 hours! In general, organic liners have several advantages over the regular sanitary pads. They contain fewer additives and dyes and are therefore suitable for women with sensitive skin, are “breathable” and environment-friendly.

Why choose our product?

We care of your health and well-being. Our product is designed for you in your most vulnerable days. It is made of 100% organic cotton, which is delicate to wear and has antibacterial properties. In Lady Anion we use negative ions –air molecules that are constantly breaking apart due to sunlight, radiation, moving air or rushing water. The idea behind negative ion therapy is simple: positive ions hurt, negative ions make you feel good and awakened.

In nature, you encounter the greatest densities of negative air ions in pleasant, hydrated places like near a waterfall, in the forester close to the breaking ocean waves on the beach, and during summer months (freshness after the thunderstorm). In contrast, positive ions are often associated with pollutant particles like smog, dust or pollen and are therefore more prevalent indoors, in urban areas and in winter. Scientific evidence suggest that negative ions could inhibit the growth or kill harmful bacteria and yeasts by inducing the oxidative damage to their DNA.

A unique strip in Lady Anion is activated by a drop of liquid, and it starts to emit negative ions, which neutralize odours and kill the bacteria. In addition, Lady Anion sanitary pads contain a unique layer that allows liquid to penetrate only in one direction. As a result, it can absorb a higher amount of fluid and prevent it from side leakage, accumulation of bacteria and contact with the outer skin. Delicate organic cotton fabric in Lady Anion sanitary pads is exclusive comfort that will please even a very exacting customer!

Test for Breathable sanitary pads

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Welcome to the Lady Anion website,

I’m really excited to be able to introduce you to this unbelievable product and will be compared to other ordinary sanitary pads that are available on the market. The lady anion sanitary pad is a revolutionary sanitary pad with built in hygiene benefits and features.

You will be shown & will discover how other sanitary pads compare with lady anion pads, the type of glue used, an anion chip which produces negative ions and health & well being benefits, and the amazing saturation levels of anion pads.

This demonstration video will reveal all of the basics we take for granted.

Let’s start with the lady anion hygiene package. Lady anion sanitary pads are individually sealed and packed in an individual sealable package. The sealable package is very compact and is made of food foil; it is also protected from bacteria and is water resistant. Now we are going to have a look at brand “X” sanitary pads. Which is similar to all of the other brands on the market?

As you can see the packaging is pure plastic and not that compact and once you have opened the pack you will notice that all the pads have not been sealed and may be in a position to attract bacteria. The size of the pad is a little bit bigger and might cause some level of discomfort to the user.

Now we are going to take brand X and turn the pad around. As you can see most of the regular pads have a big technical glue line which runs through the pad. This glue line prevents the pad from breathing freely.

You can also run a simple test to see for yourself how ineffective this is. Just take one glass of boiling water, put a pad over the glass and then cover the pad with a second glass upside down and you will now see how perspiration forms as it is unable to breathe freely and condensation is visibly seen in the bottom glass.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR)

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Far Infrared Rays  ( FIR ) are the most safest and beneficial electromagnetic WAVE  source available which is similar to those produced by panels  used to keep newborn babies warm in hospitals.

FIR resonates with water molecules and provides our bodies with the ability to improve blood circulation and activate the bodies metabolism cells and tissues.

FIR is pretty much similar to the heat produced from the sun when our bodies burn up our natural energy sources to keep us warm, and helps to eliminate toxic heavy metals out of our bodies.

During the FIR process Anions are created when the air molecules are broken down and separated from sunlight moving in and out of air and water as an act of nature providing us with a multitude of health benefits and the anions are then called negative ions.


Sanitary Pads Far-IR Layer Technology

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Lady Anion Far-IR sanitary pads are the latest in women’s personal hygiene products. These revolutionary pads feature 8 layers of absorbent material and as well as the breakthrough Anion chip to keep you healthy and fresh throughout your monthly period.

The very latest design features mean that Lady Anion Far-IR pads are ultra-absorbent and ultra-soft leaving you fresher, drier and more comfortable.

The Anion chip can help to balance your PH levels which can lead to a healthier immune system, less infections skin irritations, hormonal balance, increased energy and reduced stress. Lady Anion does so much more than a regular pad – it does its job – while keeping you dry and comfortable and it keeps you healthy too. (more…)

Lady Anion Far-IR sanitary pads

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Lady Anion Far-IR pads combine natural elements with innovative design ideas to bring you a sanitary pad that not only does its job but also uses the natural power of Far Infra Red (FIR) rays and negative ions to help you stay healthy.

FIR is part of the natural light spectrum and is a safe and healthful light wave that produces gentle therapeutic heat used in hospitals and clinics for healing.

FIR also naturally produces anions which are a type of molecule found in high concentrations in beautiful, natural places like forests, beaches and close to waterfalls. These anions or negative ions have been found to be good for our health and that’s why we feel so energized, healthy and de-stressed when we visit these natural places.

To give you an example: forests and waterfalls have an anion count of at least 1000 per cm3 whereas using air conditioning in a room creates an anion count as low as 1-25 per cm3 The Anion strip in the Lady Anion Far-IR sanitary pad has a count of 5810 per cm3. (more…)