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Lady Anion – first antibacterial sanitary pads

Saturday, November 21st, 2020

Lady Anion sanitary pads are made with 100% certified organic cotton and have antibacterial properties.

Vagina is an effective drug delivery ecosystem. Due to a dense network of blood vessels in the vagina, a wide range of medications can be easily and rapidly absorbed directly into the systemic circulation. The vagina is therefore a more sensitive and more absorbent that typical skin, and not all sanitary products are beneficial to women’s health.

Technology allows us to make a step further and create a product with antibacterial and health-beneficial effects and, at the same time, soft and comfortable. Wearing non-breathable sanitary pads for too long can affect the temperature and humidity balance in the genital area and favour harmful bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and vaginal thrush are the undesired consequences, when the vaginal microbiome becomes over-colonised with either other vaginal bacteria or yeast candida, respectively.

You might ask how antibacterial affect is achieved. The answer is: negative ions (anions).

In nature, negative ions are created with air molecules broken apart from sunlight, radiation, moving air or rushing water. You encounter the greatest densities of negative air ions in pleasant and hydrated places. You will feel awe when you experience something truly profound. Have you felt more energetic in the mountains, at the beach or in a thunderstorm? That is the effect of negative ions.

Lady Anion sanitary pads have a core strip releasing negative ions.

Scientific evidence suggest that negative ion exposure may:

  1. promote antimicrobial activity, i.e. inhibit the growth or kill harmful bacteria and yeasts by inducing the oxidative damage to their DNA.
  2. reduce symptoms of depression in some people.
  3. improve cognitive and physiological functions.

In addition to the negative ion strip and delicate organic cotton fabrics, Lady Anion pads are ultra-thin and light. The thin layer is especially designed to allow the liquid to penetrate only in one direction. As a result, Lady Anion pad can absorb a higher amount of menstrual fluid and prevent it from side leakage, accumulation of harmful bacteria and contact with the outer skin.

Lady Anion is a carefully designed organic product beneficial to women’s health.

How to choose a good sanitary pad – things to consider

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

Choosing the right sanitary pad is essential for maintaining hygiene during menstruation. Several factors are important to consider, e.g. material, absorbency and odour control, length and flow, and your lifestyle.

In this article, let us look at what makes a sanitary pads high-quality product.

Quality material

Vagina is one of the best routes for drug administration. Due to the presence of a dense network of blood vessels in the vagina, a wide range of drugs are easily and rapidly absorbed directly into the systemic circulation. Keeping this amazing property in mind, how should quality sanitary pads look like?

The type of material used affects product’s breathability and comfort level. Ideally, a sanitary pad should be made from sustainable and natural materials, such as pure cotton; feel soft and comfortable to wear. Softness and natural absorbent fabrics will be the key factors for women with sensitive skin. In contrast, liners made with synthetic fibres will contain only a small percentage of cotton, if any at all. Most of the companies use fabrics with certain characteristics to simulate the texture of cotton. But above all, such products are not natural; contain additives, such as artificial fragrances or absorbency agents, to enhance the properties but can cause skin irritation, itchiness or even allergic reactions.

Sanitary pads made with 100% cotton are breathable and highly absorbent compared to their synthetic analogues. Breathability is crucial to eliminate the smell and to avoid growth of harmful bacteria. Organic pads contain a soft organic cotton cover that allows your skin to breath, and an absorbent cellulose core, which locks away menstrual fluid to keep your skin dry.

Good absorbency

The ability to absorb a large volume of menstrual fluid in a short span of time is another essential quality for a good sanitary pad. Always choose sanitary products with an absorbency level appropriate for your menstrual flow. During the day, when you are more active, it is critical that the sanitary pad holds the fluid and prevents it from leakage and direct contact with the skin. Many women note that pads made with synthetic materials are not absorbent enough compared to the cotton liners. The average amount of a woman’s menstrual discharge is 30-80 ml. For women experiencing a heavy menstrual flow (80ml and more), a reliable sanitary pad with high absorbency to minimize any possibility of leakage is a must.

Eco-friendly packaging

Only organic products are fully biodegradable, odour and chemical free. For hygienic reasons, each sanitary pad should have an individual wrapping.

We are excited to offer our customers a quality product with a positive impact and health benefit. Lady Anion is a modern, discreet and Eco-friendly pantiliner sanitary pad, which has an antibacterial negative ion strip for a better comfort, breathability and long-lasting protection.