Sanitary pads with Far-IR

Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton

These revolutionary sanitary pads have 8 layers for ultra-absorption - that means you stay drier and fresher all day long.
A unique Anion strip that reduces irritation, infection and odour gives you peace of mind right through your period - even on the heaviest days.

Sanitary Pads that really work

As a woman, dealing with menstruation is one of those things in life you just have to deal with – month in, month out, year in, year out. But it’s not easy finding a product that really works is it?

You want a pad that you can rely on, so you don’t have those niggling worries about leakage or odour right? And you want a pad that’s super-absorbent yet thin and dry and comfortable too?

Well now there’s Lady Anion Far-IR – a truly super-absorbent yet light and comfortable pad that’s way ahead of any of the pads on your supermarket shelves. Lady Anion’s unique 8-layer design makes them ultra-absorbent yet dry next to your skin so you feel fresh, dry and comfortable right through your period, even on the heaviest days.

Lady Anion Far-IR is also the first pad to incorporate the amazing Anion strip that generates negative ions. These can help prevent infection and odour and help with general health and well-being.

What are Ions?

Negative ions are natural and found in high quantities in healthy natural environments like forests and near the ocean. They’ve been found to help with our general health including increasing energy, reducing infection and helping with healthy blood circulation.

Consumers have been worried over the last decade or so about chemicals like dioxin, used in the manufacture and bleaching of sanitary pads and tampons, that can leach into women’s skin and affect their health. Lady Anion Far-IR pads are made of natural cotton material, paper, polymers and non-toxic glues and so contain no dioxin poisons.

So, if you’re sick of trying to find a pad that really works then try Lady Anion Far-IR and see how comfortable and relaxed your period can be.

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