Sanitary Pads Far-IR Layer Technology

Lady Anion Far-IR sanitary pads are the latest in women’s personal hygiene products. These revolutionary pads feature 8 layers of absorbent material and as well as the breakthrough Anion chip to keep you healthy and fresh throughout your monthly period.

The very latest design features mean that Lady Anion Far-IR pads are ultra-absorbent and ultra-soft leaving you fresher, drier and more comfortable.

The Anion chip can help to balance your PH levels which can lead to a healthier immune system, less infections skin irritations, hormonal balance, increased energy and reduced stress. Lady Anion does so much more than a regular pad – it does its job – while keeping you dry and comfortable and it keeps you healthy too.

Lady Anion Far-IR Layer Technology

  • Layer 1

    Your delicate skin is cushioned by the ultrafine, non allergenic cotton surface layer giving you maximum comfort because of its super-absorbent properties. Fluid passes into the second layer leaving you dry and comfortable.

  • Layer 2

    This unique layer prevents your skin from contacting the absorbent layers of the pad where liquid has been turned into gel to allow for super-absorption.

  • Layer 3

    The Far-IR Anion chip in this layer gives off negative ions when it contacts body fluid. These negative ions kill bacteria so prevent odour and infections. The gentle Far infrared rays from the chip help to make your skin strong and healthy and stimulate the circulation of your blood.

  • Layer 4

    This is a layer of pure paper which is highly absorbent making the Lady Anion Fair-IR pad work even more effectively.

  • Layer 5

    This amazing layer contains super-strong absorbent agents that can take up to an amazing 1.5 litres of fluid and turn it into a gel-like state getting rid of any nasty, sticky feeling and keep the pad dry and comfortable.

  • Layer 6

    Another layer of pure absorbent paper for increased protection.

  • Layer 7

    The base layer is made of materials that allow the movement of water molecules that are now in gas form to move through it so it drives away moist air. This reduces moisture and heat between the pad and the skin to lets your skin breathe, keeping you dry and comfortable.

  • Layer 8

    This is the layer that is in contact with your underwear. The adhesive base has been approved for use in the food industry and is proven to be non-toxic.

Lady Anion Far-IR pads use cotton, paper, ultra-absorbent polymer, non-toxic adhesive and hi-tech waterproofing materials that soak up fluids but let air circulate.  This makes Lady Anion Far-IR a truly innovative new style of pad that makes life that much easier for women every month – it takes the worry out of your monthly period.

See for Yourself How Lady Anion Works:

Here is a live demonstration of how amazingly absorbent the Lady Anion sanitary pad is:

What Other Women Have to Say:

Thousands of women are already enjoying the benefits of Lady Anion Far-IR pads, here are some of their comments on this new style sanitary pad that is revolutionising women’s monthly period experiences:

Brittney says:  ‘It felt like I was just wearing underwear’ and ‘I don’t have to worry about odour.

See what else Brittney has to say at:

April and her daughter both use Lady Anion pads, April says: ‘They are so soft and so dry they’re unbelievable.’ Her 14 year old daughter just says ‘I’m in awe.

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