100% Organic Cotton Far-IR Anion Panty Liner Sanitary Pads



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Product Description

This Cotton Far-IR Anion panty liner pad is slim and discreet, ideal for absorbing secretions and daily health maintenance. This sanitary napkin (panty liners not with wings) is especially designed to be undetectable in any underwear or sports-wear. The panty liner attaches to the underwear with none chemical glue. The glue is easily washed at the time of the washing. There are 30 organic Cotton sanitary pads (panty liners not with wings) in a pack.

This Anion Panty Liner Sanitary pads to be used on daily bases. Anion panty liners is the only sanitary pad that comes with a health benefits. Health benefits of Anion sanitary can be discovered in our blog.

Ideal for: Outdoor sport and Indoor activities: fitness classes, gym etc.

Size: 155mm

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